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Media Corner
21 April 2017
The LiFus6 facility replicates the demanding environment of IFMIF.
06 April 2017
F4E offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute to its strategic leadership as part of the senior management team in the role as Head of ITER Delivery.
31 March 2017
Full power for the world’s biggest fusion device.
29 March 2017
The deadline for applications for the October traineeship period is at 12 noon on 26 April 2017.
27 March 2017
F4E celebrates another achievement in manufacturing.
24 March 2017
For the first time, smaller parts of a poloidal segment have been welded together to form a bigger piece.
23 March 2017
How will hydraulics be deployed in ITER’s Divertor Remote Handling System?
16 March 2017
One of the most powerful supercomputers is switched off after completing its mission with success.
09 March 2017
The first ITER diagnostic components to be supplied by F4E have been delivered to the ITER site and accepted by ITER IO.
07 March 2017
A new documentary presents the facts about the energy crisis and sheds light on the potential of ITER.
01 March 2017
Two important events have recently taken place in F4E’s Neutral Beam Power Supplies area.
28 February 2017
Excellent results have been obtained for the first high-power 1 MW gyrotron prototype manufactured in Europe.
23 February 2017
Europe in collaboration with China get ready to start manufacturing the massive magnets.
16 February 2017
F4E, ITER IO and Air Liquide welcome the impressive components on-site.
03 February 2017
F4E together with Studsvik and NRG to irradiate and analyse EUROFER97 specimens.
24 January 2017
The first two of JT-60SA’s total of 18 Toroidal Field (TF) coils have been placed in the tokamak at the JT-60SA site in Naka, Japan.
23 January 2017
ITER has special requirements for almost all its components and structures in case of natural hazards such as earthquakes.
16 January 2017
More than 225 people receive training on how to manage the lifecycle of components.
22 December 2016
This alarm survey system aims first and foremost to protect the people working on the ITER site and its facilities.
21 December 2016
Key buildings and facilities get ready to receive the first equipment.
21 December 2016
F4E takes the use of this real-time communication platform one step further.
20 December 2016
F4E to collaborate with Air Liquide for the design and manufacturing of the component.
01 December 2016
F4E and Ensa collaborate to manufacture additional components as part of the machine’s fuel cycle system.
25 November 2016
F4E and its suppliers celebrate an important milestone delivering the most impressive components of the cryoplant on-site.
24 November 2016
F4E and contractors use dummy conductor to produce the first complete layer qualifying key fabrication steps.
18 November 2016
F4E and its suppliers are ready to deliver two of the most impressive components of the cryoplant
14 November 2016
The acceptance tests consisted in simulating how the cryoplant would behave during the operation of JT-60SA.
28 October 2016
F4E Annual Accounts for 2014 approved following the new ITER schedule with a First Plasma date in December 2025
27 October 2016
The contract for a value of nearly € 100 million is considered to be the single biggest robotics deal to date in the field of fusion energy
20 October 2016
Fly with the F4E drone above the buildings and facilities of the biggest energy project.
19 October 2016
Here is your chance to visit the biggest energy project no matter how far you are!
18 October 2016
One of the biggest magnets in the world is entering the final stages of manufacturing.
13 October 2016
A new video takes you behind the scenes of the first tests carried out in the PF coils facility.
05 October 2016
The mock-up of the High Voltage Deck (HVD) for MITICA has been subjected to high-voltage testing in order to validate the design choices of the supplier SIEMENS AG.
27 September 2016
This device will qualify the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry (PPR) system which will evaluate the position and shape of the plasma.
20 September 2016
Behind the scenes of the spectacular operation!
16 September 2016
Four turbines and two nitrogen compressors to cut the ribbon.
09 September 2016
Discover the latest progress of the main buildings and facilities on the site of the biggest fusion project.
16 August 2016
It is with much sadness we have learnt that our dear friend and former Governing Board Chair Stuart Ward has passed away after a long period of illness.
25 July 2016
Installation of the transmission line for SPIDER was completed at the Neutral Beam Testing Facility (NBTF) site in Padua, Italy.
25 July 2016
As a supplier to AMW, experienced nuclear engineering company ENSA will manufacture three segments for ITER's Vacuum Vessel sectors.
25 July 2016
The first Toroidal Field coil has arrived from Europe to the JT-60SA site in Naka, Japan, where its assembly will soon begin.
18 July 2016
Europe, India and ITER IO merge their resources to build the biggest cryogenic system.
12 July 2016
F4E and its suppliers hit another milestone.
07 July 2016
The spectacular lifting operation of the four massive girders, able to lift 1500 tonnes, has been successfully completed.
04 July 2016
The equipment to cool down the temperature of liquid nitrogen to -196˚ C will be delivered in autumn.
17 June 2016
200 tonnes have been firmly installed 45 metres above the ground.
06 June 2016
F4E and its contractors ramp up efforts to transform the platform that will host the biggest fusion machine.
01 June 2016
One hundred eyes to help us see inside the biggest fusion device.
26 May 2016
The qualification activities take off in China’s Institute of Plasma Physics.
12 May 2016
F4E, ITER IO, Air Liquide and Chart Ferox celebrate an important milestone.
06 May 2016
The deadline for applications for the October traineeship period is at 12 noon on 31 May 2016.
05 May 2016
Get a glimpse of the first tooling that will be used to manufacture the massive magnets.
19 April 2016
The first Toroidal Field coil enters final manufacturing steps!
13 April 2016
First components to nestle in the Tokamak complex.
13 April 2016
Revised schedule and cost estimate are expected to be approved in June
30 March 2016
CNIM and Group Spie batignolles seize ITER business potential.
29 March 2016
Two metallic beams measuring 46 metres will help to lift the heavy components.
17 March 2016
F4E and its contractors to deliver the first Toroidal Field coil-one of the biggest and most complex magnet in history.
09 March 2016
Liquid helium inner-tank has successfully passed leak detection tests.
04 March 2016
It is the first time a complete model of the entire ITER TF system has been developed with such a level of detail.
02 March 2016
The JT-60SA's first Toroidal Field (TF) coil has completed its cryogenic temperature 4.5k tests at the Cold Test Facility at CEA Saclay.
29 February 2016
F4E and its suppliers conclude production.
22 February 2016
Get a glimpse of the impressive cranes to be installed inside the Assembly Hall building.
17 February 2016
ELYTT ENERGY, ALSYOM and SEIV to supply tooling for the Poloidal Field coil magnets.
10 February 2016
F4E and Assystem UK roll up their sleeves to shape tomorrow’s tooling.
05 February 2016
The forgings, which will used for the ITER vacuum vessel sectors, are currently being produced by three different European companies.
04 February 2016
Europe and India join forces to deliver ITER’s massive fridge.
01 February 2016
The completion of the FDR marks the final stage before the Call for tender and the manufacturing of components begins.
29 January 2016
Looking back at some of the prolific moments of last year.
26 January 2016
F4E kicks off its photo tour in Italy and brings you exclusive images from the high-tech facilities.
26 January 2016
The collaboration between F4E, OTL, KU Leuven and SCK-CEN is a game changer!
25 January 2016
The first JT-60SA TF coil from the General Electric (formerly Alstom) factory to the Cold Testing Facility at CEA Saclay has been delivered.
22 January 2016
Exclusive pictures from the ASIPP facility in China.
10 January 2016
Engaging with all stakeholders and revamping Europe’s contribution to ITER will be the main priorities.
18 December 2015
Find out how the pace of construction is accelerating.
17 December 2015
A kick-off meeting marks a significant advance the work of procuring the acceleration grid power supply for the Neutral Beam Injector.
15 December 2015
All six superconductor current leads, which will connect JT-60SA's Toroidal Field (TF) coils with the power supplies, have been delivered.
11 December 2015
F4E is working with a German company to manufacture prototype sensors which will measure the local magnetic field in ITER during operation.
10 December 2015
EFLs working under F4E Diagnostic FPAs further developed their skills in the Primavera project management tool used by F4E and ITER IO.
09 December 2015
An ITER Beryllium Management Committee has recently been established.
07 December 2015
Two heat exchangers pass successfully global helium leak tests and cold test.
04 December 2015
The successful installation of this complex system shows the good joint effort in the Broader Approach projects between Europe and Japan.
02 December 2015
The on-site assembly of nine sectors of the JT-60SA tokamak vacuum vessel has been completed.
02 December 2015
Saarschmiede to manufacture and supply special steel plates to be used in fabrication and testing.
01 December 2015
The European Continuous-Wave gyrotron prototype has successfully passed the final Factory Acceptance Tests – an important sign of progress.
25 November 2015
Demonstration meeting heralds confidence in new tools.
20 November 2015
Studsvik and NRG join forces to help Europe develop the ITER test blanket modules.
17 November 2015
New clips present the progress of the ITER magnets
06 November 2015
The first time such a tool has been developed, the objective is to test how the vacuum vessel will deform during the operation of ITER.
05 November 2015
A spectacular trip from high above to the biggest fusion experiment.
04 November 2015
Discover the electrical infrastructure that will heat up the biggest plasma in fusion history!
30 October 2015
The ITER bioshield is starting to take shape.
27 October 2015
Paving the way for the first engineering hub on site
26 October 2015
A new chapter for the impressive Poloidal Field coils.
21 October 2015
Johannes Schwemmer has a proven track record in international collaboration, project management and business strategy.
20 October 2015
What is changing on the ITER construction site?
14 October 2015
High Voltage units to be manufactured for the power supplies of the Neutral Beam Injector.
09 October 2015
A new publication reporting on the facts, figures and our main achievements.
08 October 2015
Testing on how to clean the mirrors and to determine the best mirror surface to use for the ITER environment is currently being carried out.
06 October 2015
This high precision milling machine is vital in the vacuum vessel manufacturing.
21 September 2015
Applications should be submitted by 31 October 2015.
16 September 2015
800 tonnes of steel rise from the ground and reach the sky as they climb 60 metres high.
31 August 2015
F4E and Ensa explain the importance of this symbolic milestone.
19 August 2015
MEP Martina Dlabajová was updated on the overall progress of the ITER project and in particular on Europe's contribution.
12 August 2015
The last round of consultation brings together 50 leading experts and paves the way to manufacturing.
10 August 2015
F4E has signed framework contracts for the manufacturing of divertor inner vertical target (IVT) prototypes.
05 August 2015
The final acceptance tests of the JT-60SA quench protection circuit (QPC) for the superconducting coils have been successfully completed.
03 August 2015
The first F4E component for the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF), the SPIDER High-Voltage Deck (HVD), has been delivered and accepted.
28 July 2015
Cask and Plug maintenance system enters its final procurement phase.
24 July 2015
There is further progress on the construction site and a new slab comes to surface!
22 July 2015
F4E, ITER International Organization and Air Liquide celebrate a significant manufacturing milestone.
20 July 2015
Conceptual Design Review panel acknowledges good progress.
15 July 2015
Applications should be submitted by 13 September 2015 at 5.00 p.m. CET.
06 July 2015
The deadline for applications for the October traineeship period is at 12 noon on 24 July 2015.
03 July 2015
Discover the progress of the biggest international collaboration in the field of energy
25 June 2015
Following the resignation of GB Chair, Stuart Ward, all GB members expressed their appreciation for his important contribution to F4E.
11 June 2015
How will high-tech robotics and virtual reality platforms help us to operate ITER?
10 June 2015
Joining forces, skills and expertise to get the construction site ready!
09 June 2015
The recruitment procedure has been launched.
02 June 2015
The power supplies infrastructure of the biggest fusion device is taking shape.
20 May 2015
F4E is working together with a German SME, ITER IO and KIT in order to produce windows made out of diamonds for the ITER machine.
11 May 2015
AMEC Foster Wheeler leads a pan-European consortium of high-tech innovators.
05 May 2015
Spain’s Ensa makes history with the delivery of fuel tanks.
30 April 2015
At its plenary session on 29 April 2015, the European Parliament voted in favour of granting F4E the discharge for 2013.
29 April 2015
Find out the merits of fusion energy and see the progress of the ITER construction.
24 April 2015
F4E’s work on the gyrotron, a part of ITER’s Electron Cyclotron (EC) heating system, is progressing well.
20 April 2015
A brand new clip shows you why this will be the year of construction
09 April 2015
F4E has been asked by the European Parliament to provide more information on the advancement of the ITER project.
08 April 2015
The construction site is getting ready for the impressive electricity infrastructure
26 March 2015
Europe’s exclusive provider to oversee the delivery of ITER components.
23 March 2015
First-ever full size TF coil superconducting double pancake prototype passes successfully final tests.
20 March 2015
Ensa delivers the first large tank for the water detritiation system.
16 March 2015
Manufacturing of the CER coils is expected to start in April and marks an important milestone in F4E’s work in the field of diagnostics.
09 March 2015
Sweet success at the Divertor Test Platform (DTP2) facility
05 March 2015
Determined to meet the expectations of the ITER Members.
27 February 2015
The Final Works Acceptance tests of the six helium pressure vessels for the JT-60SA cryogenic system have now been successfully completed.
26 January 2015
Find out how companies and laboratories thrive by being involved in the biggest international energy project!
16 January 2015
An 87-tonne high voltage transformer crosses the South of France.
13 January 2015
F4E together with ITER IO, Air Liquide and external experts express full confidence.
12 December 2014
See the progress of the Assembly Hall building and the Tokamak complex.
12 December 2014
The DOORS® to one of the largest technical databases are now open!
03 December 2014
Dr Pietro Barabaschi to be appointed Acting Director from 1 March 2015.
03 December 2014
The first ever Final Design Review (FDR) for the ITER Electron Cyclotron (EC) system has been completed.
20 November 2014
An important step for the Broader Approach project brings scientists a step closer to final targets.
28 October 2014
Easier than you thought, clearly explained and fun to watch!
28 October 2014
The floor upon which the biggest fusion machine in the world will rely on has been constructed.
27 October 2014
GENERIS could be integrated into ITER’s Remote Handling Control System.
23 October 2014
Longer than 20,000 km, heavier than 97 tonnes and with a circumference that is half of the earth!
10 September 2014
An exciting technical challenge, the European manufacturing of the Blanket First Wall full-scale prototypes is moving forward.
28 August 2014
Major civil works come to an end and mark the start of the construction phase!
24 July 2014
Opening a new chapter in the field of Diagnostics that will help us study and control ITER’s incredibly powerful plasma.
09 July 2014
Exclusive footage showing how the biggest magnets are being manufactured.
01 July 2014
An update from the ITER construction site and a new clip highlighting the main developments
25 June 2014
Landmark multimillion contract signed between F4E and SIMIC S.p.A, marking the successful completion of Europe’s strategy in magnets.
19 June 2014
A new clip, filmed on-site, shows that the six year assembly of JT-60SA is moving forward.
18 June 2014
The first time such a complete, complex system has been successfully tested in factory, the results of the tests exceeded all expectations.
04 June 2014
Multimillion deal paves the way for design, manufacturing and delivery of key components.
21 May 2014
The most advanced cryogenic technologies will be deployed to freeze the ITER magnets, cryopumps and thermal shields
19 May 2014
F4E is now one step closer to obtaining qualification from ITER IO for the manufacturing of the actual Blanket First Wall.
15 May 2014
F4E will work together with FZJ, KIT, the universities of technology in Budapest and Eindhoven, DIFFER and CCFE.
14 May 2014
The Framework Partnership Agreement concerns the development and design of the Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic system for ITER.
30 April 2014
The first-ever film clip about F4E’s collaboration with a European fusion association is available. The clip focuses on the ELISE project.
07 April 2014
The F4E summer studentship programme is the perfect opportunity to learn more about F4E, ITER and working in a European environment.
28 March 2014
63 short films bringing you the stories of the biggest international energy project-ITER.
17 March 2014
F4E and Ferrovial Agroman sign two contracts and accelerate the pace of construction.
10 March 2014
The company has made history being Switzerland’s first ever SME to contribute to ITER. An efficient power supply system is on the way.
24 February 2014
The first contractors have arrived! Get to see their facilities and the health and safety measures envisaged on site.
04 February 2014
Europe and Japan begin assembly of components and will start testing in 2017.
31 January 2014
CNIM Industrial Systems and SIMIC Spa have started manufacturing the first of the 70 radial plates
21 January 2014
The year starts with the successful manufacturing of the cryopanels and thermal shields for the Pre-Production Cryopump (PPC).
13 January 2014
An interview with the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) about the politics of energy.
18 December 2013
The 2012 Annual Report reports on the progress of Europe’s contribution to ITER and the Broader Approach
13 December 2013
A new chapter begins on the ITER construction site.
13 December 2013
F4E welcomed Croatia as a new member during the Governing Board meeting.
10 December 2013
Watch the most significant moments of this year in one clip.
05 November 2013
See the ITER convoy making its way to Cadarache!
29 October 2013
Tokamak complex and surrounding buildings to be equipped with building services.
28 October 2013
The blanket for the hottest test bed on earth is being developed.
15 October 2013
This is the first of a number of work packages for F4E’s contribution of the PF coils 2-6.
08 October 2013
We drove four nights to reach the site of the sun’s light.
04 October 2013
Contractors' area boasts 30 000 m2 of office space, restaurant and infirmary.
01 October 2013
New business-friendly initiatives unveil F4E’s industrial instinct.
30 September 2013
The business potential of the energy market is vast and the opportunity for growth is clear.
27 September 2013
A call for expression of interest is now open to draw up a reserve list of candidates for the appointment of ExCo members.
23 September 2013
If you want to build you have to dig and that’s what we decided to capture in this month’s clip: ITER’s critical network. Read more…
07 August 2013
For the first time ever, a Toroidal Field (TF) coil full-size super-conducting prototype of the double pancake (DP) is being manufactured.
19 July 2013
The cranes that will assemble the Tokamak machine will be able to lift the weight of 187 London double-decker buses
11 July 2013
A brand new F4E clip has just been released bringing you the latest from the ITER construction site.
11 July 2013
New initiatives by F4E were welcomed by its Governing Board during its 27th meeting on 26-27 June.
12 June 2013
Our latest pictures let you catch a glimpse of the activities on the Tokamak pit, the surrounding galleries and the critical networks.
22 May 2013
A 150 m2 mock-up has been completed to facilitate the works of the Tokamak upper concrete slab.
13 May 2013
A call for expression of interest is now open to draw up a reserve list of candidates for the appointment of members in two committees.
26 April 2013
The fusion community witnessed a breakthrough: the EDIPO magnet, the core of the EDIPO facility, reached the magnetic field of 12.5 Tesla.
23 April 2013
A contract has been signed between F4E and GTD to deliver services in the areas of software and control to integrate the ITER plant systems.
15 April 2013
Check out the brand new F4E clip reporting on ITER’s progress!
09 April 2013
GÉANT, the world’s leading high-speed research network will provide data links to the International Fusion Energy Research Centre (IFERC).
05 April 2013
The beginning of the JT-60SA Tokamak assembly clearly shows the international collaboration between Europe and Japan.
02 April 2013
The F4E summer studentship programme is the perfect opportunity to learn more about F4E, ITER and working in a European environment.
26 March 2013
A new chapter opens in the construction of the Tokamak pit getting ready to welcome 4,000 tonnes of steel and 14,400 m3 of concrete.
28 February 2013
Four experts guide us through Europe's winding packs facility.
28 January 2013
A new set of images documenting the works on the ITER site and our latest video are now available!
15 January 2013
One of F4E’s largest contracts in the area of the civil engineering works for the construction of the Tokamak complex is signed.
19 December 2012
F4E has awarded the FPA for the design of Diagnostic components for the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry to three EURATOM associations.
18 December 2012
The signing is a positive milestone in F4E’s efforts to encourage European industry’s know-how in this specialised field of technology.
18 December 2012
The first component of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) presently under construction has passed the acceptance tests
17 December 2012
A variety of civil engineering works delivering roads, lighting, drainage and trenches kick off. The ITER site gets transformed.
17 December 2012
View our latest clip reporting on the works at the Tokamak complex area, the Assembly Hall and the contractors’ area.
14 December 2012
F4E has awarded several procurement contracts allowing for manufacturing of necessary components to move full-speed ahead.
05 December 2012
One of the largest industrial contracts has been signed between F4E and the Consortium of SIMIC and CNIM
29 November 2012
EADS CASA Espacio to manufacture nine Pre-Compression Rings to support the ITER machine’s magnet system.
21 November 2012
ITER International Organization to proceed with ITER’s nuclear installation.
13 November 2012
We report on the progress of the site adaptation works and the Assembly Hall of the Tokamak complex.
30 October 2012
First structural concrete poured on the Assembly Hall of the Tokamak complex
26 October 2012
Henrik Bindslev currently the Vice Dean for Research at Aarhus University, Faculty of Science and Technology is appointed Director of F4E.
05 October 2012
CODAC integration of the Poloidal Field coils building controller system goes through.
03 October 2012
The successful completion of this procedure, within the shortest time frame possible, allows on-site work to continue without interruption.
25 September 2012
F4E Administration and Finance Committee visits the ITER construction site
09 August 2012
By decision of the Governing Board, Hans Jahreiss will be appointed Acting Director effective as from 16 August 2012.
08 August 2012
Read the fifth Annual Report reporting on the progress of Europe’s contribution to ITER.
24 July 2012
See how the works on the ITER site are progressing.
06 July 2012
The most complex machinery for the production of the superconductors, the winding line and the oven, is now completed.
28 June 2012
The 760 metre long copper conductor is delivered and the first production TF conductor length is completed.
27 June 2012
The recruitment procedure for F4E’s Director position has been launched.
26 June 2012
A significant milestone for F4E’s TBM Project Team: two contracts for the Test Blanket Module EUROFER subcomponents fabrication are signed.
22 June 2012
F4E and ITER IO have concluded the Procurement Arrangement for the Divertor Cassette Body and Integration.
19 June 2012
F4E’s new Industry Portal is launched. It has undergone a complete refurbishment so that users can share their information more efficiently.
15 June 2012
More progress through engineering studies and assessments for the joining of ITER components.
29 May 2012
F4E offers a comprehensive account on the latest achievements.
22 May 2012
Council Decision clearly states the establishment and seat of F4E
18 May 2012
Two new clips reporting on the milestones of April and March are released.
20 April 2012
An impressive total of 493 plinths have been placed in the Tokamak complex.
20 April 2012
Following the closing of application submissions on 20 April, the screening process for the F4E Summer Studentships 2012 is well under way.
09 March 2012
F4E’s first Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) for the design of Diagnostic components for the ITER machine is signed.
01 March 2012
Lisbeth Grønberg, Chair of the Executive Committee discusses how F4E has evolved over the years.
01 March 2012
In less than a year, the qualification process has been completed successfully.
23 February 2012
F4E’s Governing Board opens a call for expressions of interest for a new member of its Executive Committee.
15 February 2012
F4E delivers the first building on the ITER site.