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Media Corner
28 January 2013

See the progress of the ITER site

Installing the modular buildings of the canteen which will serve 1500 meals per day, December 2012

The ITER construction site is undergoing a true transformation with works carried out in the critical network where 150 metres of pipes need to be installed and the overflow area where we are digging 10 metres deep and have to cover an area of 360 metres with more pipes.

Currently, the personnel directly involved in construction counts 200 people and by mid-2014 it is expected to reach 3,000 people. So how are works progressing on that front?

In the contractors area 70 modular buildings have already been installed, which will operate as a canteen, and the first modular offices have been put together ready to host 50 people.

Earthwork activities have progressed according to schedule and more works have been carried out at the Assembly Hall where another load of concrete was poured.

Visit our image library and the F4E YouTube channel to see for yourself the works.