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Media Corner
11 July 2013

Discover ITER’s Assembly Hall building!

Discover ITER’s Assembly Hall building!

During our last visit to Cadarache we met with Miguel Curtido, the engineer responsible for the Tokamak seismic isolation pit, the construction and isolation of the anti-seismic bearings and the construction of the Assembly Hall foundations. We walked with him on the construction site, followed the works of the ITER Assembly Hall building and learned more about the activities that will be carried out once fully constructed.

We were also introduced to Vincenzo Sarica, Chief controller of the Engage consortium, who gave us an update on the works linked to Assembly Hall slab and the impressive volumes of concrete poured per hour. We concluded our visit with Thierry Lebeault, ITER Tokamak Project Manager for GTM and Vinci Group, who revealed the complex geometry of the building and the impressive 1,500 tonnes of reinforcement made of the thickest re-bars available in construction.

See the progress of the ITER site by clicking on the clip.

We also took the opportunity to take some really good pictures.
View them on our media gallery and the F4E Flickr account from where you can download them, share them and post them!